Sunday, October 29, 2006

Erotic mail

If you dream of suggesting a move , a date, or anything hot, and are either too shy to say it in person or are too far apart then Hoochymail is the answer to your erotic imagination.

snippet :

HoochyMail is the first internet service that allows you to create a thrilling,
explicit erotic fantasy about yourself and your special someone, doing all sorts
of exciting and sexy things, in all sorts of exotic and interesting locales!

I have made it a point to test it for your edification and must admit it is POWERFUL , especially when you see your name and that of your object of interest; boyfriend, husband, partner or lover in the starring roles , intertwined together literally and physically .

It is also an alternative to those of you who are engaging or wish to engage in cybersex , as a natural follow up to my previous posts on this topic :)

Cybersex 1
Cybersex 2
Cybersex 3

"[...] getting to know a partner on-line may be a nearly spiritual enterprise.
[..]It's mind to mind and spirit to spirit talking [...]You focus on who he is,
on the inside. Then if his outside is a little heavier or a little shorter than
you expected, it doesn't matter because you already love his soul. [ref] "

Here is part of the test story a special Hoochymail which I have created for my readers right on time for Halloween :

"Khaled nearly fell to the ground, only to see the cat lady, still before him on
her knees, lapping up every bit of his semen and licking her paws clean. She
looked up at him and for a moment, he was so sure it had to be Violet.And yet he
still wasn’t sure at all.
“Meow,” laughed the cat lady, still wearing her
mask, as she stood up to face him. “Well, there you have your treat,” she
smirked. She pranced over to the front door. “Wait a minute,” Khaled called,
watching her open the front door, “Come on, now, who are you, really?”The cat
lady looked over her shoulder, winked at him and disappeared into the darkness,
calling back to him, “That, my little Halloween goblin, is the trick!”

I'm not sure if Libyans are doing it ( I know they have phonesex) but it is an avenue to be explored no ? what do you think?


Chris in MB said...

gee, I'm starting to believe that the rumors of how passionate Arab women are may be true after all! ;)

Just this morning I see this from another Libyan!

programmer craig said...

Forget that Khaled guy, Violet! He's no good for you! You can send me Hoochiemail if you want :D

Chris in MB said...

hehehe, I sent one to myself!
gee, I don't know if that's funny or sad really?

Hey programmer I'll send you one!

Sex and Dubai said...

LOL Chris in MB, this is the alternative to having cyber sex with yourself. Self gratification standards and dipping dangerously low.

Anyway Libyan Violet, we'd be lucky if guys in Dubai can even READ and understand any of the erotica: "Hoochie? Shoo yaani?Is that Chinese?"!

programmer craig said...

Hey programmer I'll send you one!

Just don't make it a foot fetish Hoochiemail :O

Libyan Violet said...

Chris in mb , the rumors are facts , believe me haven't all those sexy Arab bloggers convinced you yet ? check Jewaira on my side bar as well. Thanks for Higlander's link , she can be fun too :P

I am also curious you sent a hoocchy to yourself as male to male or female to male ? can you tell us the storie ? you can paste it if you wish LOL
hmmm why do you want to send a hoochy to Craig ;) , maybe you should send the link to Schlemazl I think he will enjoy this site ....

Programmer Craig, you want a hoochy from Violet ? what if Violet wants more ? will you take her with her kid :) Can you handle an Arab woman? we are the hottest variety.....

LOL @ foot fetish .

Sex and Dubai , that was hilarious about the guys in Dubai :) I guess most Libyan guys would not understand this erotica either , they are more into hardcore porn I admit- still a girl is allowed to dream . ál chinese ál :))

Sorry to all of you for the delay in replying maybe because of the hotness of this post I have not been able to log in here till now.

Chris in MB said...

"...haven't all those sexy Arab bloggers convinced you yet ?"

Honestly? Well...yes they have.
Also, it was female to male, definitely!

You seriously want me to paste it?!?

Geez, never bring up that foot fetish thing again, that was a very bad idea for a post. Can you believe I get at least 6-10 hits a day for that to this day! That's very disturbing. Actually I wish I did have a foot fetish, it would make life easier. You can see feet anywhere!

Gee, Programmer, hope you can handle it!!! You're not all talk now are you?!?
(btw, hehehe that would kill Mr.LW)

"...they are more into hardcore porn"
I thought that WAS hardcore porn!

Chris in MB said...

sex and dudai,
"Self gratification standards and dipping dangerously low."

yes, I think you're quite correct about that!

Chris in MB said...

oh, sorry "dubai"

programmer craig said...

Violet, anything that Khaled guy can do, I can do better! :D

Chris, that's just what LibyanWarrior need! Some Hoochiemail! Maybe we can all send him some :)

Libyan Violet said...

Chris of course you can post the hoochy if you want to share with us your 'cyber self exploration ' ( no pun intended) :P
Who is Mr LW a Canadian actor ?

Craig are you sure you are up to the task ? what if I ask you to demonstrate that you are better than Khaled :)

Chris in MB said...

Well...ok! asked for it.

Hey, is this liable to cause masses of anonymous women to fantasize about me tonight? :P

OMG, I can't believe I'm actually going to do this...I feel like I'm defiling your blog!

Anyhow, I'll cut right to the "important" parts & skip all the foreplay. It's a little long so I cut it short. Remember you made me do this!

btw, I'll let programmer tell you about LW, hehe
The fire beneath the mantle was stronger now, spraying a golden luster on to Chris’s luscious skin. Xxxxxxx had never seen him looking more striking. The two of them were now completely naked. Chris carefully lay her down on the soft fur rug in front of the fireplace and began kissing her gently on her eyelids. Then her neck. Then her firm, soft breasts. He could taste the rainwater still beaded up and pooled around her navel. All the way down, he kept kissing her. Licking her. Driving her wild. She felt her legs spreading, her pussy opening, ready to become one with Chris.

A faint hint of strawberry filled Chris’s nostrils as he ran his mouth around Xxxxxxx’s ass. The combination of her perfume, her natural scent, the rain and the fire was sending him in to a frenzy. He began licking her juices while placing his fingers deep inside her. Pushing his long fingers in and out of her hot, moist pussy, Chris began licking and sucking on her clitoris until Xxxxxxx’s hips began to writhe.

“Yes, yes,” moaned Xxxxxxx, “I want your cock. I want you in me. I want you now!” Chris lifted his head to lock glances with Xxxxxxx’s flashing brown eyes. By her expression, he could tell that she wanted to be fucked hard. He reached under her wet, warm ass and with his powerful arms, flipped her over on to her knees. She was on all fours now, her perfect, juice-covered ass shining in the firelight. Chris grabbed each round cheek with either hand and pulled them apart. Xxxxxxx let out a small gasp of pleasure.

He took his stone-hard cock and rubbed it up against Xxxxxxx’s ass. The thrill of his cock gliding smoothly across the rim of her asshole was too much for Xxxxxxx to take. She began backing up as if to impale herself on Chris’s rod.

A few strokes between her ass cheeks was more than enough for Chris. Reaching into her pussy with his fingers one more time, he could feel she was ready. He waited for her to rock forward on her knees, then dropped his lance into position. As she rocked backward, Chris shoved his throbbing cock deep into Xxxxxxx’s waiting pussy.

I'm pretty good eh?

btw, I just couldn't bring myself to put a real woman's name in it, it just felt strange & not right somehow!

programmer craig said...

Hey that writing is pretty good for porn, eh?

I think I'm going to do a gay one with "Pat Robertson" and "Libyan Warrior" and then paste it on Highlander's blog :D


Craig are you sure you are up to the task ?

Are you trying to deflate my ego or something? I am not afraid! :P

Libyan Violet said...

Chris in MB lol you actually had the guts to past your hoochy ? I was hoping you would put the romantic stuff , that's the point of the hoochy. Women like the first part and men the action ( i.e. x-rated) :P

Craig , who is this LW you are all talking about ?

PS I'm not trying to deflate your ego just checking the merchandise some people talk others act :P

Anonymous said...

I do not think you have had sex in all your life!? Prove me wrong ?

Chris in MB said...

"you actually had the guts to past your hoochy"

It takes no guts! Just balls! ;) ...and maybe a little perverse humor & bad judgment.

"I was hoping you would put the romantic stuff"

The first paragraph is romantic, isn't it? Gee, I thought it was.

"...just checking the merchandise some people talk others act"

Hahaha! Gee, Craig send her one! What does she need to do? Beat you over the head or what!

btw, "Libyan Warrior" or LW is a very angry young American blogger that craig loves to "debate" with. You can see him in Highlanders blog.

Libyan Violet said...

Chris :) no Programmer Craig does not need to send me anything, I am now an non-sexual being..Can you imagine my daughter's face if I brought in a man ? Khaled is a fantasy name I used in the 'testing' hoochy. I have done all this for your sake guys , my reputation is in shambles now LOL.

PS thanks for the info on LW , I check Highlander's blog and get the point .

Libyan Violet said...

Anonymous, thanks for the input but FYI this blog is not about me having or not having sex, so why are you obsessed with it ?

programmer craig said...

Khaled is a fantasy name I used in the 'testing' hoochy.

See!? I told you I was better than Khaled!!

I have done all this for your sake guys , my reputation is in shambles now LOL.

Nooooo.... it's a fun post, thanks for making it :)

I didn't know they had this Hoochiemail thing, before. Seems like a really good idea for people who are physically separated but are too shy to do that "cybersex" thing. Reading a story (even out loud) seems like it would be a lot easier and less embarrassing than sharing a personal fantasy :)

Chris in MB said...

"I am now an non-sexual being."

Sorry I don't believe that for one second. Maybe physically for the moment but mentally I don't think so!

"Can you imagine my daughter's face if I brought in a man ? "

Maybe for now, but in a few more years I'm sure that she would be happy for you.

"my reputation is in shambles now LOL."

Hahaha, no it's not! Mine is!

Sex said...

Hey Violet:

After the experience Layala just had (see our blog) we can completely UNDERSTAND and SYMPATHIZE with the female Libyan population. Hoochie mail is definitely the way to go - sending it to yourself is even better!

Sex and Dubai said...

On a separate note, there's no reason for you to be non-sexual at the moment because of Pearl.

Vibrators are the way to go dear - "The Rabbit" is always a favorite...heck you can even call it Khaled!

Libyan Violet said...

Chris in MB , thank you for the encouragement :), of course your own reputation is not tarnished, we just know you are fun .

Programner _Craig :) Seems like a really good idea for people who are physically separated but are too shy to do that "cybersex" thing. Reading a story (even out loud) seems like it would be a lot easier and less embarrassing than sharing a personal fantasy :)

Yes I think you are correct in that assumption.

Sex & Dubai :) LOL calling the Rabbit Khaled can you imagine , by the way did you try it ?
Also I sympathise totally with Layala , who said Libyan men were angels :P ya 3ebshum a3lehum