Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cybersex ahem ...again ..

Following my two earlier posts on this topic here and here you probably thought this is a fad and would go away ? nope , it seems to be increasing .. I just came accross another blogger who is obsessed erm sorry ;) fascinated by the subject . Check what Jameed writes about it below:

" I have blogged a few months ago about the new high-tech way for pleasuring one’s self using such devices as the MatrixVibe and the iBuzz. Today, Reuters has a piece entitled “Future Sex: gizmos, robots“. What is happening here is that sex researchers, designers, marketing companies and porn stars have joined
hands to bring a whole new definition to “virtual sex”; a new field they dubbed

We humans are pleasure beast no? Well Jameed concludes :

"Will I live long enough to witness the launch of gizmos that can provide a
person with a mental orgasm with a push of a button? Technology is only limited
by human creativity, and when it comes to sex, human creativity knows no

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