Saturday, January 16, 2010

My 'Big' Purple One

Quality Street Chocolate have a special place in my heart since my childhood years. Those were the chocolates that visitors would bring with them or that we would take with us when we visited someone's house. So it was a treat.

The thing is I did not like all the chocolates in the box. I had my favourites and this is how they were classified :

  1. The green triangle
  2. The toffee finger
  3. The toffee penny
  4. The purple one
  5. The chocolate toffee cup
The rest I did not really care about much. Some have been removed to be replaced by others.

Then as I grew older one flavour stood out and I found myself when offered chocolates diving for the purple one ( maybe because they replaced the brazil nut with hazelnut ?) and actually asking for another one. I'm thinking the Nestle people have laced it with some kind of drug , because most people I know now all want the purple one... . I wished that they would make the whole box with individually wrapped purple ones ! How weird to see my wish come true today....

I was happily shopping for tuna fish at the supermarket when Pearl screamed 'mummy I want this !'

My eyes alighted on a giant purple Quality street chocolate for sale! A larger version of my favourite flavour in a box of similar ones...Those people in marketing have really cornered the market ! They must have listened to people's wishes or to the results of the voting campaign: 'what's your favourite?'

The size of the purple one is quite generous and for once I feel satisfied with the taste that I have been craving for so long. DIVINE.

The tag my purple one is catchy and a bit corny too .Of course the wrapper being my favourite colour has nothing to do with it :P

Want to share your favourite chocolate ?

Happy New Year from Pearl and Violet