Saturday, December 31, 2005

Online dating and Cybersex

With the popularisation of internet and worldwide easy communication, it has become easier for people to meet online, if not in chatroom and forums than in specialised dating sites such as and . These sites have mushroomed in every society and I guess they do tender to a need as there are many professionals out there who may not have the time to hang around singles bars or are too old for the disco/clubbing scene. Also in more conservative societies it is a click away to talk to someone from the opposite sex and if you are wise there will be no repercussions and perhaps a happy ending. It's kind of safer as you do not need to actually date or you can date when it is agreeable to you both at your own pace.

However cybersex is something altoghether different, this is purely physical and its protagonists do not go in with the purpose of romance and marriage but definetely for some kind of erotic fullfilment.Reporter Regina Lynn has ventured into this world and come back with this article about her experiences ....check extracts below:

"The best cybersex happens on multiple levels. You have a layer of reality in which you update each other about what's happening with your bodies"

"Then you have the "action" level, where you describe what you're doing together in the fantasy"

She is asking"Would you have cybersex with someone you met through an online dating site? Would you go on a date with someone you met through a cybersex chat room? "

She likes it so much that she now has her own user name oops . Please go read the whole article, courtesy of

Over the last few years I have celebrated several weddings Arab ( at least 3 are Libyans) and non Arab where the spouses met online, I thought that was cute, but no one told me about their cybersex adventures.

Regina maintains that cybersex is good for couples who are physically distant, such as milatiry and so on ...what do you guys and girls think ? Do you have experience of online dating or even cybersex you wanna share * add mischievious grin here * . I can post , or you can post it and discuss.

Have a happy new year folks !


Nightlegend said...

Well it maybe embarassing for some people to discuss or even confess that they had experiences like that ,but I guess that a great majority of people either online or offline had similar experiences ,I have to confess that I had some incidents of that during my early years on the internet(1996-1999) ,everything was new ,the experience itself was new ,strangely alot of women would be coming for this ot that specialized chat room where it's main purposes is having Cyber Sex ,there would be jo need to exchange information about each others and in most times you would be sure that the provided information are fake ,but this method is simply based on the chatter's urge to satisfy his/her immediate lust ,many people even doesn't continue chatting after reaching their...err....climaxes.

But there's another type of Cyber Sex ,from my personal experience and my researches I came closer to this other type ,in this one the Cyber Sex's relation will form and execute after a period of time of the chatters knowing each others ,believe me there's alot of girls who do that but here's it's some kind of having certain feelings for the person chatting with ,feel of relief ,attractiveness or even love that were formed during long hors of chatting ,and then the relationship takes another direction and it may get repeated alot of times ,and most of the cases just end there ,and again it turns to(lust satisfying) relationship only ,only a few couples can overcome this stage.

Happy New Year for you and for your Daughter.
All the best

Salma said...

interesting subject here. does phone sex count ? it was very hot.

Libyan Violet said...

Thank you nightlegend , happy new year to you as well and your loved ones.

I appreciate your sharing your experience with us. I'll comment on that a bit later, just waiting for some more input, guess people are still shy ...

Salma, I'm not sure about phone sex but let the readers decide perhaps. Welcome to my blog.

Adham said...

yes i do cyber sex, and i can easily confess, as i'm not mentioning my real name :) that i do it a lot
to be clear about it, i think its nothing more than a masturbation, but the idea of having someone else sharing the fanatacy make it more hot and joyable,
it also help in make more fantacising than you can have in real, simply coz you can immagine anything, either you're capable of it or not :) and for having different people you can have any fantasy, a variety that is not easy to find in real life
i can be more frank and tell you that i'm maried, and my wife know what i do, and she does the same
i found this a very healthy relation, we love each other, and we only do this for fun, its ok that one of us is hot while the other isnt, it happens, its ok that any of us can have fantacies that the other doesn't share, this is only some fun that have nothing to do with real life, and it ends by disconnecting from the net

Libyan Violet said...

Thanks for coming here
Adham and for sharing with us your experience . How did you get your wife to approve of this ? usually the women don't like to know about their men looking at girlie magazines let alone having cybersex AND participating in it . i'm impressed and curious.

adham said...

hi violet, thanx for your welcome,
the only secret of all that is honnesty between us, we don't hide anything from each other, i simply dont pretend to be the best sexual man on earth, and i can easily accept that she can have fantacies about other men or other staff that we don't do together, and its the same thing with her, she can easily understand that i can be turned on by a female body other than hers, i don't realy remember how did this start at the first place, it was realy very smooth, we just do things we like to do, i just remember we agreed for not using mics and cams coz that will make it too peersonal, in addition of course that our sick society wont understand something like that, if it is publically known, i can immagine that voice and pics can make things more hot, but we prefered to keep it only at a chat level
and by the way she doesn't "share" with me the cybering, she does it on her own, each of us find his friends and cyber with them, only once we did try to make some group sex with another couple, it was fun, but this just didnt happen again,

thanx for opening the subject, i admit i do enjoy the discussion here

Anonymous said...

In 2001 I was introduced to chatting, mirc, icq, by a friend who said it was a great way to meet guys… and it was. At the age of 22 this is what you have in mind . To find a man and get him to marry you.
Main topic here. Soon my buddy list was full with names from everywhere. I found that men from emirate want to chat with girls a lot. It was really fun, but after time you find there is no result, because they always ask for pictures and also they don’t give you information about them.

I was excited to get emails from many men who wanted marriage, on the match sites you talked about. But problem, no one is Libyan and with my family this is impossible. The only Libyans I found are some married men who want to have sex. This is horrible. I think my experience was bad.

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