Sunday, December 04, 2005

Butterflies in my stomach

First post . What do you write? what shall I write ? why do I want to write. Maybe an introduction would be useful ? Technically I already have a first post here .Comment section works fine too in case anyone is interested please click on the 'post a comment' icon to read and post.

Ok I'm putting off the big moment huh ? So I'm a single mum in Libya , what does that mean ? only two options (1) either my husband is dead or (2) I'm divorced. Briefly he's not around so choose your own reply. I have beautiful daughter and she's the Pearl of my life. Let's call her P. since I will be refferrring to her often.

I have a mixed background, hence the multiracial, yes you guessed right I've lived for a quite a long time in foreign lands which makes me multicultural and ever so tolerant of human nature.

How did I end here ? It had to happen sooner or later don't ya think? I obviously am partially computer litterate ..the rest is history.

This blog is the diary of my adventures in Libya, you'll see everything from my eyes so expect it to be totally biased information, which does not mean I will spill my guts. But hey it will be first hand. No I won't post pictures of my kid or myself but probably some other stuff. If you stick around I promise the occasional laughs and tears and all the melodrama. Please be courteous and respect my sanctuary.

This diary will move like a stream, forward, backward and sideways. You will have to find where the dream ends and life starts.

I'll edit this post if need be.

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Nightlegend said...

Thanks alot ,your introduction is as interesting as the latest trailer of the new Tom Cruise's movie!

Keep us updated ,I really would like to know more about Libya.