Thursday, March 05, 2009

Is it really true ?

One of my readers sent me this by email! (thanks T). I was wondering if men really wish for such a device - and if women could what would they put in this remote?


a_akak said...

minus the beer and its GREAT :D

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...


a libyan lady said...

Take away the "NO" leave "YES" only

with the give me add


switch sex with
"fully satisfy partner "

"massage needed now"

instead of breasts + - add

"muscular built + -

Men would more than welcome such a device,which would make us slaves to them imaginary device as this if made available should include both partners preferences...Libyans Women Lib . Or should I say WOMAN POWER ladies ..bring it on !

Wish we had more open minded topics- thanks Violet!

Libyan Violet said...

Ahmed - soooo the remote is a wish come true ?

Ibeebarbie you think the other guys approve :P?

Libyanlady, muscular built + - did not think about that myself yes yes yes ! you're welcome not sure if readers like my topics I assumed that Libyans don't really like my blog because of these topics but I still don't mind as I love writing :)

on the edge said...

I like a thinking woman and it is nice to read a introspective one for a change . Welcome . Enjoyed all your posts ... but am afraid to make any comments since I will definitely get too carried away with them , lol , and be banned ! LOL !I feel as if I might know you .

MusicLover said...

Woman's Remote

Here is an example of a woman's remote button :-)

Libyan Violet said...

On the Edge, I feel I know you as well :P. Let's hear your comments so what if you get carried away ?

Musiclover this is a mighty remote OMG - I'm actually blushing ;)