Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kissing = Bonding

I have always been thinking that the 'secret ingredient' of great sex is kissing, kissing and more kissing but I needed something scientific to prove it. Apparently there has been research on the issue and it was found that saliva exchange through kissing 'increases sex drive'. Thanks On the Edge for showing me that my hunch has been true all along :)

She posted a great article from Live Science magazine about it here.

In my opinion, the increased sex drive not only helps to satisfy the body and work towards that 2 minute orgasm :P but I believe that those long kisses somehow affect your whole being to the point where the earth actually moves, your world shatters, your knees buckle, your heart flutters and you almost faint ? And don't tell me that's what you get during a one night stand or a passing affair.

I suggest you go back to smooching the way you did in highschool ;) or on the dancefloor as we see in old movies to regain that feeling. Advice : don't stop kissing because for the men that's how you will be able to move that woman by remote control, or satisfy her emotional need (from My Personal Space blog). Then in your eyes she will become a Venus (breasts and all) and in her eyes you will become a superman (dragon, muscles and all).

Kissing is the secret glue for love .. is that not ? or am I a romantic idiot ?


a_akak said...

I think you are stating the obvious as any person can say that but it is a taboo subject which means that people dont talk about it but will secretly agree with you analogy (and probably practice it)

Fe Aman Allah

Libyan Violet said...

Thanks for being the first one to reply to my post Ahmed. What is everybody suddenly supershy? I would not recognise them anyway :P

Glad you agree though :)

MusicLover said...

Kissing is the secret glue for love .. is that not ? or am I a romantic idiot ?

Yes you are a romantic idiot and so do I :-)

'secret ingredient' of great sex is kissing

The aricle will agree what you said.

French Kissing-4 Steps to the Perfect Kiss

This is quite interesting site

I wanted to add another link but could not find among tons of bookmarks I have on 6 different browsers

J Entercom - Kiss

on the edge said...

Kissing is 100% better than sex many times !!!!!!!! Sex is the 4 play , lol , not the other way around guys !Ask any woman .

Luna said...

Supershy ??and why ?

This an excellent topic as always Violet congrats are in order dear !
Kissing ?? HHmmmmmmm let me think ..
Id give it a definition of love.

You can and feel lust which would lead to sex. But kissing is another thing though when love is an added bonus the result is a wonderful feeling of giving and receiving ;a super gluey bond!

Romantic idiot?? hellooo add one more to your list ...yep yours truly.
thanks for a great topic .

Libyan Violet said...

Music Lover, thanks great links as usual. I know you are super romantic you 'love' music :)

OTE "sex is the 4play" 100% right !

Luna - thank you now I don't feel so stupid for being a romantic idiot!

Anonymous said...
Please check them.


Sparkling Motivation said...

Ok, I'd have to agree with a_akak that this subject is definitely a taboo; not just in our society, but us being muslims. I know that this is something many people in the west think that we tend to feel shy to bring up or talk about openly, well, it shouldn't be. Allah made it clear that such should be a cherish and discrete part of a couples life, and had we made it public, then we'd be cutting the line that separates us from animals.
Some would say, 'there's nothing wrong with talking about kissing and intercourse, how else will we learn this stuff?' I would reply, 'had it been something you crucially have to learn about, then it would have been openly recommended in the far actually learn about it'.
Think whatever of what I said, ignore what doesn't appeal to you, delete it if you like lol.
Opinion is as opinion does...(made that up)


Fantasia said...

I stumble upon this thread and can't help but feel blessed that i can freely kiss the man of my life, in the street, in the hallway at work ... let alone int he privacy of my home. Love is such a gift. A beautiful gift. And as a writer of Erotica I am all too well aware of the difference between lust and love. But why then treat loves greatest expression - the kiss - with such fear? Thank you Violet for this post.

Libyan Violet said...

AN thanks for the website-

Sparkling - of course I will not delete your comment why shoud I ? There is nothing to be ashamed of in Love :)

Libyan Violet said...

Fantasia, welcome to my blog, I'm still looking for the one and only beloved. I love your blog, may you have a great life with your beloved. Keep writing!

Fantasia said...

I believe one can oftenknow if "he is the one" in HOW he kisses you.
You are welcome to Pillow Talk anytime! My latest story "Dinner for Two" is more about the emotional than the sexual.