Thursday, February 21, 2008

Like a Phenix or not?

My shiny little heart got dropped a fewt imes. It broke a few times. It bled a few times. But I never stopped playing with it. Every time I picked up the broken pieces and with the resin of perseverance connected them together. I washed the dirt of hate and resentment from the pieces that had fallen to the ground and let bloodsoaked pieces dry out under the sun and in the fresh air till they turned a lovely shade of crimson.

Since the last time it got dropped , the blood has coagulated and only a massive transfusion would save it.


مفقود said...

that can be a nice start for a good story, Dear Dairy,
and then it goes on

i do have some ideas already to mess it up

how do you does?

MusicLover said...

Moldy Peaches

Nice Post

Jewaira said...

Ah, Violet.

Kisses to make it better :)

Libyan Violet said...

Mafkoud :) thanks yes it is a nice start maybe for a novel ? so what are the ideas you suggest to mess it up?

Musiclover thanks for the links :)

Jewaira :) thanks it's already much better - time is the best medicine!