Sunday, April 29, 2007

Five things you did not know about me

Shlemazl tagged me (thanks), I am so excited as this is the first time someone does ...

(1) I am not that old !
(2) My daughter will soon be as tall as me .
(3) I love tight jeans and miniskirts
(4) I read a lot ( yes I do ! )
(5) I like horses and wish to learn to ride one day.

Whoever has not done this please consider yourself tagged..


Chris in MB said...

This is your first tag?!?
Now I'm quite jealous of Shlemazl getting to you first. :P

"(1) I am not that old !"
Who ever said you were old??!!

"(3) I love tight jeans and miniskirts"
WOW, I love those too! :D

Libyan Violet said...

What do you mean Shlemazl getting to me first :P

shlemazl said...

1. Re tight jeans and miniskirts:

Damn it Chris; you stole my line yet again!!!

2. Libyan violet:

Thank you for taking on the challenge; it's a sweeeeet AND cute little post!

ezou said...

You have gained an eternal enemy, please stop saying what I want to say ........... :S
this is embracing..... now I haven't got anything to say...... :(
anyway we love u violet :D

Chris in MB said...

@violet, "What do you mean Shlemazl getting to me first :P"
I like blog & tag virgins, just ask Ezou about it...

@ezou,"You have gained an eternal enemy"

nah! I know very well that if I were a woman you would be madly in love with me! :D

ezou said...

just ask Ezou about it...
Please don't ask for details :P

I'm an open book :(

Anonymous said...

hey...i am new one here,,,great to know that u like jeans and miniskirt...u know guys,,once tight jeans(AND I MEAN TIGHT)and miniskirts arte mentioned,well,they start drawling all over..:)
see around and good luck...
Me..The Libyan

Sex and Dubai said...

Hey Violet, we're surprised none of the boys thought of you learning how to ride a horse in your mini skirts!

C'mon guys - let those creative juices flow...

ezou said...

shame on you S&D, we all r educated civilized men,.... :P
ohhhhh btw plz violet post some pics..... :D

Chris in MB said...

"...we're surprised none of the boys thought of you learning how to ride a horse in your mini skirts!"

Honestly I did, but I'm a gentleman you know!
Sometimes I just keep my depraved thoughts to myself. :D

Wesmosis said...

congrats for being tagged!

Libyan Violet said...

Shlemazl :) right on Chris seems to be stealing everybody's lines.
You're welcome by the way I enjoyed the tag.

Ezou :) oh you are so sweet * me blushing profusely here*

Chris you want Ezou to be madly in love with you ? did I get that right :P

Anonymous, not sure what you mean by your remark but I guess men do like tight clothes and minis.

Sex and Dubai :) I'm surprised myself - I swear I never made the link or the imagery. No wonder that anomymous above was talking about guys drooling all over !

Wesmosis thanks and welcome !

i*maginate said...

S&D I tagged you on this too so get your own creative juices flowing!

Violet lol yeah, surprised none of the dudes picked up on the horse/mini-skirt thing.

Libyan said...

About riding horse while wearing mini-skirt:
DAMN that sounded hot

Lost-Libyan said...

the post was light and sweet, yet very profound ! anyways keep up Libyan-violet!

Boy, Interrupted said...

Hey Violet,
I have been a loyal reader to your blog from the beginning :D ..Keep up the good work, yalla we need an update.

programmer craig said...

You've been gone a long time, Violet! What are you up to? :)

Highlander said...

we need an update
where are you violet ?

Libyan Violet said...

Thansks guys and girls for asking about me !