Saturday, April 07, 2007

'Draw me closer' : don't push away my outstretched hand

I don't kow if you've had the time to check my sidebar ? I've collected a number of interesting (to me and I hope to you as well) bloggers, whose common denominator is romance and erotica..

Sheema Kalbasi is from Iran and How it goes naked is her 'literary journey'.

This is my favourite bit:

"I want to be virgin of all the memories, and the life experiences but you. I want to be a markless paper and be marked by you. I want my past, present, and the future to have your name on it. I want to have a body that can be made love to by you uninterruptedly. I want to have a heart that has one city's name on it, the city where you ARE at any given time. I have been handed this love generation after generation to find you somewhere close or even from far to let you know of the truth. Take away the roaming features of Sizdah Bedar from my memory. I want to survive the aching for my homeland from the edge of this country.
Draw me closer. I love you" [read more]


Lost-Libyan said... u really believe in Love? in other words, do u really think that soulmates and love truly exist? coz to be honest,at this point im fairly Skeptical about this issue.
but all the best Libyan Violet, or how about u call urself Libyan-Venus?

Sex and Dubai said...

Beautifully written yet so tragically inspired. Not so sure whether love in its purest form exists or whether any human being is worthy of such emotion...cynics we are.

Lost-Libyan said...

yup...indeed...and i have enough cyncis around me in real life, the last thing i need is cynical ppl in my "virtual social life" :)

Libyan Violet said...

lost libyan thanks I still am naive enough to believe in the concept...

S&D I'd like to think there is a human out there worthy of such emotionsss

Lost-Libyan said...

well, wish i could have this much faith and belief!
I dont find it naive, I find it optimistic!
keep up!

mani said...

Salam Violet

We fear love cause we think love is just a heart issue.. and we can never truly trust our hearts.. cause hearts alone lead astray.

Love is worship, found by our reason, empowered, nourished and rewarded by our hearts.

When it is truly found, it is never feared, just fed.. over and over again.. by two special people, who truly deserve sharing it.

AngloLibyan said...

good to have you back and hope all is well :o)
I will be checking these blogs soon.

Lost-Libyan said...

well,Mani now im confused..I see ur blog and it seems to me that ur conservative and religious, and yet i see u gracefully comment on love and erotica blogs....dont u think its sort of a double standard?!
correct me if im wrong!?

mani said...

Salam Libyano

I will not dignify your comment with a response right now.


programmer craig said...

Glad to see you blogging again, Violet... now I have to remember to start checking often again :)

Sheema's blog is great.

Lost-Libyan, if you are LibyanWarrior, then I have to break the news to you as gently as I can. Genuine love does not exist for people like you. I suspect you know that in your heart, that's why you are "skeptical" that it even exists. After all, if it doesn't exist for you, how can it exist for anyone else?

If you are not LibyanWarrior, my apologies for the misdirected comment.

I've been in love twice. Once to the point where it was almost an obsession. Nothing else can hurt so much but nothing else can feel so good, either. That's my opinion, anyway :)

مفقود said...

He3 you are back !!!!
7amdela 3ala elsalamah

i liked the lines very much

i did not read it well yet but Sheema's blog is adictable i would say

see you around

Lost-Libyan said...

Oh Typical!

Highlander said...

I 'm a fan of Sheema , Violet :) glad you discovered her too.

As for love ....sigh I was told men are 3emi wela shinu ..

Libyan Violet said...

Lost-Libyan by the way you remind me sometimes of Lost Tuareg is that you ?

Hey Mani, indeed love is not to be feared ...but entered into

Anglo thanks for checking on me!

Programmer-Craig :) thank you for sharing your love experience with us. Being capable of love is the best characteristic.

Mafkoud - Allah yisalmek ya azizi - your blog is an addiction too bas sometimes I try to figure you out then I just enjoy !

Yes Highlander I like Sheema :)