Thursday, August 09, 2007

Teeanage fantasies

I'm back from the holidays, Egypt was great and we had fun at my uncle's house in Alexandria. Some of my cousins are in their teens and they reminded me of myself at that age.

You know when you hit puberty all sort of emotions start raging inside you and I was not immune to that either. I would fantasize about a guy and usually the daydream would be like a movie with the main character him and me and romantic actions. I would describe this guy to my best friend in great details and she would sigh and laugh at me, then we would giggle. I spent a whole summer looking at magazines to find someone I could relate to. But there would always be a detail missing here and there. So many years have passed since I was 14, more than I care to say but at long last the fantasy has been brought to life. This man is the living incarnation of those fantasies.... what am I going to do knowing this vision is walking the earth !



shlemazl said...

Go for it! He'll be yours.

Libyan Violet said...

Hey Shlemazl would love to but any idea how and where :P

مفقود said...

your Highness raised the bar so high

now guys like My Humble self are so self conscious

i do not mean to be mean but i hope you find him and when you do he will turn up GAY ;P

Glad you are back

programmer craig said...

Violet, the guy has his hand in his pants! It's obviously all about him, right? :P

Welcome back, by the way!

Highlander said...

Violet what a joy to look at, thanks for sharing now I'm really going to have trouble being content with my lot..

shlemazl said...

Heck; I had thought you at least met the guy.

You just fancy him for his pretty face and a thoughtful look as he touches himself?

I knew it. Women are SO shallow. Men on the other hand fancy a girl based on her personality and ... something inside her.

Libyan Violet said...

Thanks everyone for your wishes.

Mafgoud - GAY ? why are you so mean :)

Programmer-Craig yes I noticed - I was so busy looking at his face I missed that part ..

Highlander he's a darling .

Shlemazl :) both men and women are shallow .. would you date Quasimodo ?

shlemazl said...

No, I wouldn't date Quasimodo. I screen out any potential dates if they are male. Does that make me shallow?

AmericanLibyan said...

okay now I beleive in love at first sight :)

Libyan Violet said...

Shlemaz, as soon as I posted that sentence I knew you would you don't date males :P but I somehow thought you would think a bit farther that quasimodo here refers to ugliness...if there is a female equivalent of Quasimode tell me about her :)

Anyway your comment is funny are you sure you can screen out your dates correctly in this day and age ;) I'm curious about the procedure!

Libyan Violet said...

Americamlibyan, do you see my problem:)

AmericanLibyan said...

yes I'm afraid I do!!! ;)

shlemazl said...

You know what they say in Russia:
"There are no ugly women. It's just that sometimes there isn't enough vodka".

Anonymous said...

I knew it. Women are SO shallow. Men on the other hand fancy a girl based on her personality and ... something inside her.

Now I know why Arab men in USA go back home and marry shallow women and then ladies out smart them :-)


Anonymous said...

Yaaaa Keep dreaming its free
Have a nice day

Gera gera