Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Soul mates & Endless love : The eternal question ?

I had forgotten Valentine's Day but an hour ago the phone rang, an overseas call since I cannot see the number…

He : Hello sweetheart
Me : Hello
He: I missed your voice and am basically calling to tell you Happy Valentine habibti
Me ( oh my God it's him ) : Thank you …soooo much that is so sweet of you

The rest of the conversation was simply catching up on each others news… that's how life is..

Then a bit later my eyes alight on this piece of news "can you have two soulmates?" this is very weird I ask myself can you love 2 people simultaneously, how can that happen ?

Well, I think there is only one soulmate and you are lucky when/if you get him/her… but folks what do you think ? wanna share ?

In the meantime Ladies and gentlemen allow me to share with you my most favourite Valentine card – it's 22 years old now:

Today, I'm feeling the distance between us a little more than most days..
I'm missing your smile, your touch, your easy ways.
I'm feeling a little lonelier than usual,
thinking of you a little more,
and missing the way I feel when I'm with you.
Today, like everyday that you are away,
I'm missing you and wishing you were here...
only today, I find myself wishing just a little bit more.

(Unknown author)


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine
and about that 22 yr old valentine card:
I don't know how I just felt it right away.... maybe I've "Been there & done that" ;)

good luck

Sex and Dubai said...

Violet - welcome back and Happy Single's Awareness Day!

The link you have is blocked from the UAE so we can't access it - weird, you'd have thought Libya's authorities would have been more stringent if the UAE has already blocked it!

Loving two people - sure it's possible, in different ways of love, but two soulmates? Now that just depends on technicalities because not everyone you love is your soulmate right?

Besides, we're having trouble finding "the one". Lord help us if we have to start looking for "the two".

AngloLibyan said...

I hope you find your one and only soul mate, best of luck insjaAllah :o)

Libyan Touareg said...

i am not an extremest so please don't translate what follows as some long-bearded man braging.

when i meet someone that i like and i get to know her, to me it is very hard to tell whether it is attraction that can develop into something serious and real (and she is my soul mate) or it is just the sexual frustration that makes me see things differently. i can only tell if i spend enough time with her, yet it can't be final as frustration will accumulate and make matters worse. So marriage is the solution, but hold on a second; what happens if after a month, or two, of being together things become clearer and we realize it was a mistake!!! i do not have an answer

Libyan Violet said...

Thanks Ema and welcome to my blog sweety!

S & D, thanks :) , I can't believe UAE would block a Yahoo personals link there was nothing bad in that link LOL. BTW in Libya we are very liberal hardly any censorship did you not check the latest report ?
As for finding 'the one' - he has been elusive but maybe this time I found him :)

Anglolibyan thank you my dear friend :)

Libyan Touareg , you are so funny man, that's why we have 'khotouba' days to get to know someone without pressure and without the need to get into their bed. You can't be on heat all the time can you :) now ?

Libyan Touareg said...

Come on Violet, you know what khotoba is like in Libya!!! One is not allowed to meet his fiancé unless there is someone from the family escorting her and much worse if you visit their house they will all be sat with you and eventually end up chatting with her father in the “Marboo’ah” (Sitting room), inside you, you are saying (remind me again why I am doing this, or oh my god is this what am going to live with to the rest of my life).
Three months ago I thought it is time that I should settle down and be with someone. In Libya it is almost impossible to approach a girl without her thinking “I should play hard to get and before I greet him back he must do the impossible (I understand I am an ogre but there must be one thing in me that will catch her attention). Back to the story, as such I ask my sister if she or any of her friends know someone who may have similar way of thinking. My sister finds a “candidate” and arranges for me to meet her but her father demands that I meet him first, although I explained to my sister that there is nothing official until I meet the girl and initial acceptance from both of us is there. Well, that didn’t work and I ended up meeting her father and listening to him for four hours (can you believe this)! Yet I haven’t met the girl. (I guess I have a thing for her father now ;))

مفقود said...

personally i would say the concept of soul mate is a myth and having only one lover is..... i should stop here before turning everybody on

based on the concept of asking forgiveness easier than asking permission i added a link to your blog in mine :P

i hope it is OK with you but if not then sweetie we will have a problem

ezou said...

I'm if i'm outdated, but I have to comment here.
1- Thank God Libyan Violet that you had that call, many begged for an sms or a missed call :P
2- I pray that you never find your soulmate if there's a chance that you will lose him.

Libyan Violet said...

Hi Ezou ,thank you for coming to my blog what I will tell you may sound bland now that you are still grieving the breakup with your fiancee , but believe me if it was not meant to be you're better off now then when there are kids involved. You are still very young and if your lost it means she was not your soulmate. You never use a soulmate Ezou, you find him/her but sometimes you cannot be toghether , but you can still be in touch and for each other even if you are accross continents and each one of you with your own kids and spouse. You just wait for the next lifetime when you can meet.

You knoe what Ezou they all still call me - which is really weird !

ezou said...

good point, the sooner the better, but never the less, it's hard, there's a quote that I can't get out of my mind: "hell is hotter than earth, but this doesn't mean it's warm".
btw: about they all call,
actualy it's sweet...
but it's weird...
I try hard when I can call her not to say that I love her...
but unfortunately I always fail :S...

Chris in MB said...

"they all still call me - which is really weird !"

That's not weird at all!
This can only mean one thing, you are:

1. unforgettable
2. HOT as hell!
3. easy to talk to, or
4. all of the above!

AmericanLibyan said...

I prefer the term “my other half". Most everyone knows two halves make a whole and I would like to think that’s what successful relationships are all about-two people coming together as one but at the end of the day I don't truly believe in both. I believe you're destined to be with someone (sometimes with more than one person if divorce comes into play and one remarries)and let us hope to God they love each other and I think when that love blossoms and true connections form one starts to think he/she is their soulmate/their other half. I think that term is only a highly romanticized expression for‘we truly belong together and remember the whole concept of love has to be there cause once that’s gone and they breakup, divorce whatever you got those same people reaching over to their dictionaries and saying, “Honey, I hate to break it to you but I told you there’s no such thing as soulmates. Mind if I ask you where you got that idea from? I hope you weren’t coverasating with those newlyweds next door.” It’s a cycle. When one believes that they’re with someone they truly love and they believe that they are meant to be and that they are truly great together the expression“soulmate” comes to mind. It’s a state of delusion if you ask me but a pretty damn good delusion to have if I do say so myself-- before it fades away that is... if it ever does for those who believe I might add :)

Libyan Violet said...

My other half - how lovely thanks American Libyan. Good reasoning them but I will still keep dreaming about the soulmate :)

cofman said...

hi there,
I am new to your page, and hope to learn more about you
( 1st impression? Interesting )

Libyan Violet said...

Thanks Cofman and welcome to my blog .