Friday, January 12, 2007


Looking through my profile , I just realized that this blog has been online for over a year now since November 2005, I missed the birthday !

I also have not blogged for a while was too busy with Pearl and family issues.

So here is a late Happy New Year and Eid !


KhadijaTeri said...

Happy New Year to you! - And Happy Blogging too!

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Birthday to your blog :o)
best wishes to you and Pearl.

Chris in MB said...

Happy 2 weeks late New Years & Eid!

Ohh, & 1.5 month late blog B-day!

Libyan Violet said...

Khadija , AngloLibyan and Chris , thank you very much .

Libyan Touareg said...

Hi Libyan Violet,

I have always wanted to comment but never got the time. I learnt about you when i was in Dubai, which is quite interesting, you are FAMOUS.

You know what is funny is; Libyan boys are always complaining about Libyan girls and vice versa. I wonder why!!!

Happy new year for your blog.

Libyan Violet said...

Hi Libyan Touareg :)

Thank you for coming to my blog. I had no idea I was famous or that Dubai people are reading me . Now you made me all curious, A Targui in Dubai :P and he speaks excellent English on top of that ? I'm impressed

Please do keep coming back and tell me a bit more about Libyan guys and gals :).

Libyan Touareg said...

Thanks for the complement :P

Wallahi it is true. I meet this girl in Dubai and she tells me there is this Libyan girl who has a very interesting blog. I couldn't wait to visit your blog. I go back to the hotel, grab my laptop and off to Bujuman, and YES it is interesting, finally some Libyan girl who is different!!!

I will be more than happy to tell you more about Libyan boys, but i am going to rely on you in learning more about Libyan girls. Deal?

Libyan Violet said...

Hey Libyan Touareg , different in what sense ? what is bujuman and who is the Dubai girl who reads me woooooooooow !

you have a deal just continue reading this blog :P

Libyan Touareg said...

I’m sorry for the typo, it is Burjuman; it is a shopping centre in Bur Dubai, a place where you can have a piece from “the open buffet”, as Sex and Dubai describes. And the girl is an intelligent, independent and cute girl from Zimbabwe. Different in a sense of…errm, Well I am going to keep this for myself for now but will tell you later, i promise.

hussam_ze said...

hi....kind a new to this blog thing
i have no idea how i even came across this ...
this is some tasty stuff in here
keep up the good work sis ,

deya said...

found this blog while saeaching on google,only read the self- summary , your not the average libyan , may allah be with you