Monday, February 22, 2010

15 Valentine years

I've shared with you my favourite Valentine card and also my first and most memorable Valentine day. For fourteen years, through hail, snow, rain, sandstorms and long distance he never failed to remember me in some special way on Valentine. I knew this year he would not as my extremely cold replies have finally put some reason into him and he has promised to stop calling me. He needs to think of his wife and not ghosts of love gone bye. I hope their marriage can now flourish.

Fifteen years already - can't believe it's been so long, yet I still feel so young ?


ibeebarbie said...

What a way words and painting a picture! I've re-read the other two posts and found my heart aching. Aching for such a love. Of course, knowing it's no longer the same brings a loss as well.

With regards to soulmates and whether or not we each have one, I believe we do, but I'm not sure they are what we might imagine them to be. I don't know that they are actually our romantic mate (spouse), and that there in of itself can cause some pondering.

Fantasia Lillith said...

Loss is loss. It hurts. There is no way around it. But, 15 years ... all I can say is that time does not define our age - our hearts and minds do.

Sparkling Motivation said...

I totally feel for you Violet... and you're doing the right thing.

"Clarity, peace..serenity"

It's important to find your center and focus on what's right for you.

Luv n hugz