Friday, October 16, 2009

A come back joke : Choosing your man for happiness- the ultimate guide 

I thought it would be best to return to blogging with a little poke at Libyan men.

Please don't be offended as we love you very much!

My question is are these characteristics true ?

دليل السعادة .. في اختيار الرجل


   من تحب الجود والكرم..تأخذ خليجي

 من تحب النفخة....تأخذ تركي

 من تحب الجدية.....تأخذ انجليزي

من تحب الجبنة...تأخذ فرنسي

 من تحب الصبر والجلد...تأخذ هندي

من تحب قلة العقل...تأخذ صيني

 من تحب التكنولوجيا...تأخذ ياباني

 من تحب الجاذبية...تأخذ اسباني

 من تحب المكرونه.....تأخذ ايطالي

من تحب البساطة...تأخذ هولندي

  من تحب العشق و الدلال...تأخذ لبناني

 من تحب السحر...تأخذ مغربي

 من تحب ثقل الدم..تأخذ اردني 

من تحب الكسل.....تأخذ سوداني

         من تحب النكد...تأخذ فلسطيني    

 من تحب الخشونة تأخذ سوري

من تحب الكلام العسل تاخد مصري 

^      واللي تبي الأجر تأخذ


ولها ثواب كبير إن شاء الله


Anonymous said...

thank you so much, i really love it, cant stop reading it and laughing.

a_akak said...

Actually i think Libyan men are the most understanding and considerate although we have a bad name :) but underneath the thick surface we are a soft core (From a Libayn man)

Fe Aman allah

MusicLover said...

Mr A. Akak,

Sorry I disagree with you. Your society is a reflection of uncivilized leadership of your country in the last 40 years. It is true but sad.

We just hope the best for our own people, everybody deserves a decent life in Libya same as I have in USA. It is sad thing when I ride the bus and see the new Libyan students on scholarship they look as they just got off the bus in Kabul. They look terrible and they look far older than their own age.

When I was a young student in Beirut, girls were running after Libyan students at the American University & schools in Beirut. I still remember there was an excellent football player at AUB in early 70's, he was even modeling.

40 years wasted and we end up with bad reputation and everybody is making fun of us.

Luna said...

Violet thanks for a funny yet quite true summary in the choice of THE MAN -but is there such a man, I wonder.....

Superman , Batman err even Robin Hood LOL but Libyan men are great headaches and many Libyan women stay with them due to social acceptance and conduct - nothing more.

I do not want Libyan men to take my comment personally.But we have to agree that you're not the best of choices and the same would apply to Libyan Women.

Libyan Men most understanding ?? Are you living in wonderland or what ??

When a general question as such is put forth it does not implicate nor questions your feelings of manhood or understanding.
You could be a great gentleman ;that I don't doubt,but we aren't discussing your qualities but that of Libyan men in general.

Blessings to ya all