Friday, February 13, 2009

The White Tigress and The Dragon's Tail

Reading Ian Kerner's Passionista, "or the empowered woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest—and ensuring that he does the same", I collected some cute tips. Whilst a lot of the information provided is not new :) , the method of presentation was fun and extremely user friendly. The conclusion is that the orgasm is not as important as the journey towards it. That journey is defined by each one of us. The successful woman is the one who overcomes her man's inhibitions and tendency to take shortcuts.

But the most interesting bit I was introduced to was the concept of the White Tigress. These are allegedly the teachings of a long extinct secret society of Taoist sexual warriors. I confess I don't know what that means -a sexual warrior-, is that a spy or a gangster group of old times?

For the White Tigress , Eros basically maintains eternal youth and life energy. She could get it in two ways, both involving a male consort

(1) the one she seduces: the Green Dragon ( in modern words her playtoy :P)
(2) an equal partner: the Jade Dragon ( whom she pleasures and derives pleasure from)

The way of the White Tigress reminds me of the Kama Sutra, Tantric Love and other related topics with a mix of martial arts.

Googling White Tigress throws up some gems and some hometruths:

The Feminine Heart flourishes in love. Yet attracting trustworthy male energy, attracting friends, or lovers who have a strong sense of direction and purpose may seem difficult to find these days. Many women have spent years developing their own individuality and strength to the point where they have become tired of “doing it all”. Their own natural Feminine Heart has become masculinized, guarded and unsatisfied in love. For a woman to know deeper levels of intimacy, she needs to understand, reclaim and learn how to be at home in the beauty and power of her natural feminine essence." Amara [source].

How many women identify with the above? I'm curious for your input..

Applied in the modern world, the principle if I understand well is for a woman to take her life in her own hands like a White Tigress not to wait for things to happen to be fulfilled.
A modern passionista will 'learn to find the Green Dragon and the Jade Dragon in the same guy' [page 105].

A question for my male readers which type of dragon are you? As for my female readers have you found that dragon ? or is he a legendary being :P


Sparkling Motivation said...

Interesting topic there.

I don't know about other females, but I'm sure there might be those who'd relate with what I've been through -I'm also thinking about stating this in my blog lol :P- not being sure whether you've found the one, or you've actually found him yet you never noticed, or you found him and end up screwing it up due to social- or better off, psychological!- issues...or or or.

We as females tend to WANT to satisfy our egos too, and one might resort to playing with a guys emotions, and end up feeling left out and that there's nobody there for us, feeling that nobody cares. I hope it's all right if I add a question in reply, why do we females have to be so selfish in love at times?

I hope this answers the question and that I didn't go off track :)

MusicLover said...

By Heather - See all my reviews

If you are an experienced and enlightened lover do not waste your time reading this book.

"At best, Passionista is lackluster. Basically, it's 200 pages of outdated and inaccurate generalizations about sexuality.

Any moron could have picked up a couple copies of Cosmopolitan and Maxim and come up with the same contents of this book.

Don't expect to learn a darn thing!"

I went to Amazon to check the reviews of this book, I agree with the comment of the person because it is very true, I am not going to deny that I do not look at books or magazines which talks about sex in the bookstore but to buy, I do not think so, there are free websites and blogs which talks about. Everybody reads about sex, to learn and add extra knowledge in how to please our own partner either reading books or even watching porn movies.

Sex is half marriage but if one of the partner is pain in the ass , then sex sucks and all the knowledge of how to perform is not going to helping you in your relationship. Then sex is just stress release for both partners or it is just a duty.

I am not able to answer your question, all I care in the end is that my partner and I are enjoying it in our own terms, I do not need to learn Yoga or secrets of Kuma Sutra to please a woman.

The bottom line sex sells either in books, magazines or prostitution.

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus

Libyan Violet said...

Hi Sparkling,

"not being sure whether you've found the one, or you've actually found him yet you never noticed, or you found him and end up screwing it up"

This sounds like a deja vu to me you've stated it so well.

With regards to your question I'm not sure about the being selfish part, in my case that's the opposite I believe I need to start being selfish LOL

Libyan Violet said...

Music lover,

Agree 100% tricks are not enough to make sex work, if you re-read my post
"Whilst a lot of the information provided is not new :)" - so yeah cosmo has more tips than that book. But what I liked about the book was the intro to the White Tigress, basically the the principle isthat semen is vital to life as in 'elixir' and I tend to think that there may be a point there. There was not much about it probably about 1/2 a page so I'm not sure about expanding the theory further.

I think the Kama sutra and other stuff is just to give us an excuse to loosen up, some people are inhibited you know :P

Luna said...

A question for my male readers which type of dragon are you? As for my female readers have you found that dragon ? or is he a legendary being ?

I'm a female and wish to note that there aren't many so called dragons left as we females have put out their fires ,literally.

When all parts of the female body is exposed everywhere and nothing is left to curiosity the males tend to lose interest my dear,so they have come to develop the ok dear syndrome or become a control freak .yep nothing in between !

As for finding the so called dragon -well I did find mine but turned out he was committed elsewhere :-)

Kuma Sutra does enhance sex libido and is great and so is find ing where the darn G is and if one does have one or not-but the greatest asset is having a partner whose feelings are shared even with a peck on the cheek and the twinkle in their eyes -that my dear can put any tigress or dragon under an unbelievable spell called love.

I hope that answers your query.

Libyan Violet said...

Luna :) thanks for answering my questions - so sorry to here that you dragon was unavailable!