Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the eye of the beholder

It has been such a busy period, with Pearl taking up all my time. Watching her daily develop her reading, writing and maths skill is a joy. We also enjoy the learning videos toghether and just striving to answer the questions that her little curious mind comes up with is a full time job.

But I want to give her the best possible start in life and that does not come without a price tag on it.

This old drawing is how little Pearl sees me :) I can actually see a resemblance but I guess that beauty is truely in the eye of the beholder! At least though she thinks I'm number one !!!


Elixir said...

Hi Violet
Ounce up on time I were one of them
I have been told that you appreciate your parents more after having kids, and proofs are coming from all ways and here in your blog I see how much love, care and share to your daughter, giving your today for her tomorrow.
Just I'd like to point out to one thing (advice from trainee father)
Let pearl choose her own colour( metaphorical), and try to don't make her or direct her to select violet, although violet is beautiful ( not metaphorical) *wink *
Lucky her to have a mum not just a mother
By idea from pearl's painting looks like I saw you somewhere
Where, where?!

shlemazl said...

I am impressed. At this early age and the girl can already draw like waaaaay better than me.

All the best for 2009 :)

MusicLover said...

Nice drawing, usually kids express their feelings through their drawings.

Muppet Show - Chickens on Piano

ORIGINAL Elephant Painting

Elixir said...

I don't like myself being writing in he same page with Israelian criminal, meanwhile hundred civilians killed in Gaza.
how could you accept this racist Zionist in your plug Libyan violent.. Sorry Libyan violet????
Me also thought you are number one violet
And violet you can't argue here with :(ugliness is in the eyes of beholder)
because their ugliness is absolute and evident for everybody except you Libyan violet !!!
and tell me what do you mean by Libyan violet?
Forget about violet
are you Libyan?
Libyans are Arab Muslims consider Jewish are enemy to Allah
farewell to your plug( I know neither you nor me are sorry for that)
Note: If you want to delete this comment please delete my first comment also
I don't feel well with this shlemazl virus between my two comments.
May Allah help Palestine

Sparkling Motivation said...

May Allah guide you throughout, and protect your little Pearl. :)

Chris in MB said...

That's a keeper! Hope you save them all. My son is still more interested in eating the crayons rather than drawing with them at his stage. :P ...but I hope he draws such a thing for me one day. ;)

Nice to see you back after so many months.

arghh.. come on Elixir. This is neutral ground here. Has it occurred to you that such hatred is one of the main causes of problems in that area?

Libyan Violet said...

Elixir thank you for your comment and sorry that you are leaving, we are all emotionally raw lately which is why this post is non-political and I intend to keep it this way it's my refuge from the atrocities in this world.

I hope you train well as a father and wish you the best in life.

Shlemazl thanks so good of you to remember us. Pearl is indeed precious.

Musiclover cool links, thanks I've been trying to psychanalyse Pearl's drawings then stopped and just let her enjoy them.

Sparkling motivations thanks wish you all the best to you and your loved ones.

Chris in MB, it's so good to see you here :)

I keep every scrap that Pearl so much as doodles on .. but that's extreme no ?
Soon your son will begin to show you his masterpieces it starts with eating crayons and moves on to family members and pets and the house. Do enjoy all the stages of his growth.