Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Ramadan

Happy Ramadan to you all. It's the second day for us here in Libya.

This blog will take a short holiday as we can't be discussing 'sensitive' topics, plus no one will be reading me anyway.

See you after Eid

Violet and Pearl


Anglo-Libyan said...

wishing you and Pearl a blessed and happy Ramadan

you are wrong about no one reading your blog :o)

Jewaira said...

Hope your days are blessed and full of happiness :-)

Libyan Violet said...

Thank you Anglo Libyan and Jewaira and I know at least you both read my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I am constant reading whether it is newspapers, magazines, on inteternet either websites and blogs. Honestly I do not read Libyan Blogs on a regular basis as I am very busy father plus I am lucky if I finish reading my daily newspapers. I am going to read your blog this evening. I read anything and plus you should always blog and write what ever is on your mind. Do not give up and plus you write about topics which are different than other Libyan bloggers which I find it interesting.