Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pearl's 4th birthday

Pearl is 4 years old today, we were supposed to celebrate her birthday toghether, but this year she will be having a party with her grandparents and not with me here. So what am I doing ? my boss would not give me a few days off to travel and be with her, and making up for it by spoiling her rotten and fedexing all sorts of goodies to her.

Pearl wants a 'laaaaptooooop' & and an 'ibod' [sic] , she is so bright this sunshine that she knows how to get online faster than she knows other stuff. She knows how to get her favourite games as well. While I hate computer games.

She is too old for this since she already can use the ordinary keyboard and microsoft interface Funnily enough Pearl does not like dolls or Barbie so I can't get her that either. She prefer's guy's things ( if there is such a thing). So in the end I settled on one of these as it looks and feels like the real thing. Thank God for technology and the internet as I'm able to see her and speak to her online today ...


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sex Academy

Yes you've heard right I can't believe my eyes when I saw this article in the news "Sex theme park to open in London" . People need to be thought how to make love ? Have people become that shy ? - but honestly I would not mind going to visit this place especially for this ;)

'The theme park will include life-sized silicone-made models which visitors
can touch to discover erogenous zones. '

That should be fun and watching the expression on people's faces

But this (below) promises to be even more fun ;) we get to see people's fantasies enacted live , where is my to do list ?

"People will also be able to build their ideal partner from a series of body
parts and there will be instructions on how best to kiss and how to talk more

If you are interested in this museum if we can call it this way it's opening in September this year and it is something like the Kinsey institute I would say .
OK you must not think I'm some kind of pervert now ......just curious.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still loving you beyond the grave

4:00 AM – mobile rings

Me : Hello ?
Him: Hello – Violet how are you ?
Me : who is this please ?
Him: I’m sorry did I wake you up ? it’s me A
Me : Hi A. how are you ? is everything OK ? why are you calling so early in the morning ?
Him : I’m sorry I got mixed up with the time difference, I’m calling you from New York..
Me : OK well you scared , so what can I do for you?
Him: Nothing Violet , I simply thought about you while walking here and wishing how much it was you with me. I will regret till the end of my life to have agreed to let you go.
Me: I’m sorry you feel this way, but you have a new life now and beautiful children and a lovely wife , you should not be calling me like this , go spend your time with her.
Him: I can’t forget you Violet, you are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep….it’s out of my hands.
Me: A. you have to work harder on it, you’ve married the woman and she trusts you and no it is not right that you should call me instead of her.
Him: She knows it is you only I love, I told her when we got married, she has me but not my heart , that is for you only.
Me: A this is unfair, you are married and have kids , you go back home to the arms of a loving wife, I go back home to an empty bed so stop doing this.
Him: Well I called because I wanted to ask you which do you prefer? I’m returning on Monday to Tripoli, and if it was for me I would buy you everything that was in the shops here in New York, I can imagine you in every outfit, so what would you like me to get you? Or shall I get you some gold trinket ? I know you love that?
Me: thank you for the thought I appreciate it but please A you don’t need to buy me anything, I’ll accept this phone call as a present..
Him: Violet, everything you ever told me turned out to be correct , I’m so sorry I misjudged you before, now I know what you were talking about, I’’ve changed …would you marry me now if I divorced her? I can keep the children?
Me: No A I did not marry you when you were unattached, I certainly won’t now that you have a family. It is fine that you learned a lesson, make use of it my friend, if you need advice I’d gladly give it but please not at 4:00 AM
Him: I’m so sorry again, I wanted to buy you a present, and here everybody and everything conjures you to my mind…

I have not seen A in 4 years and he still can’t make a decision without calling me….what do you do with a man who obsesses about you even though he knows it is a hopeless case. Everywoman wants the love which will go beyond the grave, but she wants also to be a partner in that love.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Back to work

All good things come to an end... the vacation is over and I hope that not all my readers have deserted me . I have today and tomorrow to orgnanize myself to get back to work . It was a very nice and long holiday. I did not think that people would miss me, but it is nice that you have asked about me especially, Craig, Chris and Loulou :). You made my day!

As for Pearl she is visiting with her other set of grandparents abroad. Let's just say that they don't live in Libya. I miss my baby a lot but her grandparents have the right to see her as well and I should not be mean about it.

Meanwhile, I'll tell you a bit more about our adventures soon. I'm sure you still want to know about the dating scene in Libya and other hot topics ...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vacationing with Pearl

I know I've been away for a while , but you see I'm on vacationing with darling Pearl and my time is devoted to her and her only for the time being. Then she gets to stay with her other set of granparents for a few weeks and I will be able to blog again. So please I know you miss me but let me have my time with Pearl babe. We are at an undisclosed location abroad.

Kisses to all
Violet and Pearl xxxxx