Friday, January 20, 2006

Revamped Teddy Bear

I’m a compulsive hoarder of images and photos, especially those sent via email. My reasoning goes this way: ‘this may be useful for something later on, save it’ or maybe it is something I plan on buying, so having an image of the product is more helpful.

Among those ancient collections of 2004 , I re-discovered this amazing product. Unfortunately I had not saved a link to it and so I had to go hunting today to get to the bottom of the story. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the “Boyfriend’s arm pillow”, yes you heard well. Others have written about it. So what ? why shouldn’t I spread the word …

Anyway the Japanese are always inventing amazing gadgets but this even more fun.
The pillow consists of a half a man’s torso ( life size) and an arm; and the arm contains an alarm which vibrates you awake . No comment . Girls what are you waiting for ?

The “Boyfriend Arm’s Pillow” is shaped like a giant arm which will hold you all night without the need for the real thing.

A revamped teddy for the 21st century ! I think it is a sweet idea ( unless you have your man around). We have outgrown the fluffly teddy bear, and admit it many still take their teddy to bed right? So exit teddy and welcome ‘boyfriend's arm’ plus you can change the shirt ..erm the ‘pillowcase’ ..comes in different colours.
My suggestion , spray your favourite men’s cologne on it and I guarantee interesting dreams. Plus many of us sleep with pillows in ‘various’ positions anyway. Now I’m wondering what was my intention when I saved that photo ? the novelty of the product ? it’s kinkiness ? or for future purchase? It certainly was not to blog about it.

Still if given the choice I’d rather the real thing

Now check out what those Japanese have come up with as well, 'to provide a headrest that simulates the comforting lap of a tiny Japanese woman'? …noooooooo? YES ! 'her lap pillow' ( warning sensitive material ) - enjoy .

Samantha Benneth here made a study about this phenomenon, she says that 'cuddle parties' are the latest 'in' thing, and it turns out all we need as humans is to hug - females love cuddling so much guys PLEASE don't be stingy because :

"[as] dispiriting as the Boyfriend's Arm phenomenon may be, it targets a deep need in women -- one that, according to the latest research, men do not share. A team at the University of North Carolina's medical school has found that nonsexual stroking can lower a woman's blood pressure as much as medication [..]The study found that when her partner strokes her hands, neck or back while she watches a movie, a woman's brain secretes 20 percent more oxytocin, a calming hormone that slows the heart. And the stroking produced much more oxytocin than holding hands, lying side by side or gazing into each other's eyes".

We in the ME tend to 'touch' people more, so there is no lack of hugging , and I'm sure the people in a relationship are doing more than merely hugging, nonetheless it's comforting to know that thanks to the Japanese, singles have an alternative option that does not need to be shamefully hidden away (from your parents) like those Ann Summers products.

So start getting your woman 'high' on those oxytocins , and watch out the end results .


Nightlegend said...

This can not be a susbtitution ,especially for the passionate women!

programmer craig said...

I'm seriously thinking any guy who buys that "female lap" pillow has got some issues!

Darsh-Safsata said...

i don't agree that the effects you mentioned for hugging and touching is only for women, also as a man it makes me a hell of difference to have some one between my arms in bed, and i mean just hugging nothing more, same about all kind of touching,
anyway there was a large subject about touching there seem its this month favorite subject :)

Libyan Violet said...

Nightlegend, sure it can't be a substitution ..but it may help instead of her going out with a jerk just to get some tenderness, this way you can't catch STD and it's cheaper in the long broken hearts .

Programmer_Craig :) you'd be surprised at the number of guys who have serious 'issues', did you see the manual for using that lap pillow ;)

Darsh-safsata, I am delighted to hear that men are sensitive creatures too, thank you for mentioning it ..I was waiting for someone to say it as well.. sometimes I'm not sure if men like touching or just have one thing on their mind ..Thanks for the link that was cool .