Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Torn apart or Bound together ?

A few months ago I was watching the trailer for the movie Dear John which is an adaptation of the a novel by Nicholas Sparks of the same name. I remember making a note to myself that it is something I wanted to watch. Then I came across the book itself when transiting through one of the airports in the Middle East recently and decided to buy it.

It is only when I bought that I realized that this was the same author as among other things The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, A walk to remember, and for me the utterly famous and heart wrenching Message in a Bottle. Once again I found myself enjoying the tragic drama in the story and somehow being disappointed that there is no happy ending. There never is in his novels.

I've read a criticism of his genre here , and I understand where the author of the article is coming from but I think that if there was no market or need for such stories and if they did not exist then they would not be written. These novels seem to talk about nobility of love and character akin to a Greek tragedy that take you beyond the grave. Reading his books does make one cry at the inevitable and I guess it must be a tribute to his writing skills regardless if people may think that the story is a cliche. I read those books never realising they were by the same author, but only liked the story and what it represented.

There is also a Hindi movie with a vaguely similar theme as the Notebook, which I find myself relentlessly drawn to watch every time.

All this makes me wonder is the fate of LOVE to be torn apart physically yet bound together spiritually forever ? if so then this is indeed very sad and mortals like me will never have a chance at happiness !

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ibeebarbie said...

Funny, I feel the same way. :(